Shemot Bo Projects 10-12,13+

Haggadah Project

Prepare a special, personalized Haggadah for your family's seder!

Requires external resource.

Get ready to prepare your family's Passover Haggadah!

You'll be using, which requires you to create an account, so make sure to check with a parent first.

There are two ways to start:

  • Click "Make a Haggadah" on the front page.  (If you aren't sure which template to use, we recommend Traditional.)
  • Explore the clip page for a specialized Haggadah to start with.

On this website, each section of a Haggadah is called a "clip".  After choosing an initial Haggadah, you can remove clips from it or insert clips from other Haggadot.  You can also create your own clips if you'd like.  Have fun!

Points to consider:

  • Ask other family members what they would like to see included in your family's Haggadah.
  • Who will be at your family's seder this year?  What do you think they would enjoy experiencing during the seder?