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What is Masa HaChaim?

Masa haChaim is a Hebrew phrase that means "journey of life", referring to the never-ending process of growing in our faith.

We are committed to building a strong and vibrant Messianic community for the next generation. We seek to provide resources that encourage and strengthen families, congregations, children, youth, and more.


The passing on of faith from one generation to the next must begin in the family. Masa HaChaim provides a variety of resources for family discipleship, including discussion guides for Torah portions and homeschool curriculum supplements.


Young people are always the future of any faith and movement. We desire to encourage our youth and young adults to discover the Bible for themselves through various activities, including Memory Club and the Bible Reading Challenge.

HaDor HaBa

Young people are the future of Messianic Judaism. Our sister website, HaDor HaBa, is dedicated to providing them with the tools and resources they need to carry on the torch of our faith.

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